Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I keep on talking trash, but I never say anything.

Bah. The worst part about having Monday off of work is the inevitable "Wait, what day is this?" that awaits on Tuesday. I have enough trouble keeping my days straight....throw in a national holiday and i'm all kinds of messed up.

The best part about having a Monday off? Barbecues! Yes, nothing says, "I salute you, fallen soldiers of the U.S." like grilling animal flesh in the backyard. And beer. Lots of beer, preferably in the afternoon.

Rilo Kiley news:

They're opening for Coldplay at the UMB Bank Pavillion (is that really what it's called? Can i just call it the UMBRiverBankPort Whatever?) in September. Even more important Rilo news...Miranda downloaded a "Portions for Foxes" ringtone, which will sound whenever she receives a call from ME! So I plan on calling her every 15 minutes. You can listen to it here. Just click on the song title.


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