Thursday, May 19, 2005

My baby takes the morning train.

Ah, where to begin?

I guess I could start with the biggest news of my vacation: I fell in love. Her name is Kinzie (as her mama says, "It's Kinzie with a Z!"). She's the most lovable pooch in the entire world, and she LOVES men (just like me!). I miss her already, but I know her mom and dad are taking great care of her. Solid dog! :)

I don't think I've ever bonded with a dog before in my entire life, and I wonder what makes this dog so special. I'd like to imagine that it has more to do with Kinzie than the magic brownie I ate on my first night in Chicago.

The train ride suuuucked. It was better on the way home though, when Blood Ray and I discovered that they served beer. I feel sorry for the Amtrak passengers unlucky enough to sit near us, as we decided to perform some numbers from Wicked. (We just lip-synched them, but still...) Actually, I really feel sorry for the girl next to me on the train for her bad taste in movies. She booked a DVD double feature of The Prince and Me and Uptown Girls on her laptop.

The Rilo Kiley show was phenomenal. Jenny Lewis sounded amazing.

Blood Ray and I even got to see Wicked from the front row of the Oriental Theater.

Hit a few gay bars, spent way too much money on drinks.

The couple that put us up for a few nights....they were amazing.

I'm sure Blood Ray will give some more details of our excursion. But right now I've got a full Tivo to reconnect with. Someone gave me a CD with a bunch of pictures from the Saints and Sinners party. It'll have to wait until tomorrow.


Anonymous B10N said...

hi joe! you can get your very own solid dog here:

my current top four are "rest" from maine, "ethel" aka "black kinzie" from maryland and "jeremy" and "jolie" from texas!

great to meet you and i hope to see you at din-din next weekend!


12:56 PM  

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