Monday, June 20, 2005

All Hail Queen Helene

I'm declaring war on pores.

Wait, I'm gonna back up a few days.

You know what's creepier than breaking a mirror? How about breaking a mirror SIX HOURS after having a conversation about breaking a mirror. It was a total accident, I swear. Like I need more bad luck.

I was reaching for a towel after a shower (my shower-singing routine on this particular night consisted of Tegan & Sara's "You Wouldn't Like Me," Fiona Apple's "Used to Love Him," and Idina Menzel's "No Good Deed), and I must have swept my mirror onto the floor with the towel. It was heartbreaking. Not only do I get seven more years of bad luck, but I need that little mirror to fix my hair! It was a conundrum.

The next day, I found a replacement mirror at Target. I decided to get a little mirror for the shower, because sometimes it's just nice to have one in there.

I didn't realize that it was a 10X magnifying mirror! As Blood Ray puts it, that's about nine times more than anyone needs.

That little mirror is such a bitch. Seriously.

This is where the War on Pores comes in. I have a couple of masks that I have used these past couple of nights, and they seem to work quite well. I don't mess with those strips anymore, because they really fucking hurt. If anyone else has certain products that are good for pores, let me know.

My roommate has been gone for a few days, and though I love her to death, I really must admit that it's great fun walking around shirtless with a Mint Julep Masque on my face, or listening to music really loud all the time, or inviting people over at two in the morning for impromptu karaoke sessions.

And here's a stupid little link: MSN News has put up this story about
tired sitcom cliches. Although one must it really a cliche if they had to use shows such as Benson, According to Jim, and Sister, Sister as examples??


Blogger Blood Ray said...

Wow. I forgot that Sister Sister even existed until just now.

That was one egg that never should have split.

8:26 PM  

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