Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Fun With Pictures.

Walked to the park and took a few photos. I'm happy with how they turned out, even though I'm not really sure what I can do with pictures of flowers and stuff.

pond pond2

statuelady throne

I also discovered that the camera came with a goofy little program that allows you to make goofy little pictures like this one (look carefully):

front page


Blogger Blood Ray said...

Oh, I like that picture of us in the paper. I am going to steal it.

8:48 PM  
Blogger Clipgirl said...

Oooo...the Lilly Pond at Francis Park. When my mother was about 3, she jumped into that lilly pond and almost drownd. My grandpa jumped in after her and had to pump the water out of her lungs. When I asked him how he did it, he said he put her on her back and then lifted her leg up and down like a water pump and all the water spouted out of her mouth like a fountain. I believed it until I saw that very scene on a cartoon.

7:03 PM  

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