Sunday, June 05, 2005

I've got a pair of magic pants, too.

Well, I certainly got drunk last night. That much is certain.

Also certain is the fact that I went to the movies in O'Fallon with my sister and my nieces, Darby and Zoe. (This was before the drinking began, mind you.)

They are ages ten and eight, respectively, and they are amazing. I love spending time with them, and it was great to finally be able to take them out for an evening of popcorn, sour gummy worms, M&Ms, cherry Icees, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Darby read the book already, so I assumed that the film would be all kinds of innocent teenage girl shenanigans. I didn't plan on one of the characters losing her virginity. Sure, it was offscreen, but still.

The movie was basically about four very different girls who were friends since before birth. Amber Tamblyn played Tibby. Tibby was smart and sarcastic and a little bit of an outsider. The audience knows this because she has dyed blue streaks in her hair. I really don't like Amber Tamblyn, but she kinda impressed me in this movie. Almost made me feel sad for her about the cancellation of Joan of Arcadia. Almost.

America Ferrara played Carmen, the Puerto Rican girl with anger management issues and a deadbeat dad. She's larger than the other girls. I'm just saying.

Alexis Bledel (my second favorite Gilmore Girl...third if we're counting Emily) was Lena, a shy (but beautiful) girl sent to stay with her grandparents in Greece, where she literally stumbles into an impossibly hot Greek boy and falls in love after a kinda Romeo and Juliet thing

The last girl was some hot blond soccer star and i'm not gonna bother looking up her name because she wasn't very memorable. Instead I am going to talk about the real star of the movie (no, not the pants) -- the 12-year-old actress Jenna Boyd. I've never seen her in anything before, but OH MY GOD she was good. If you have seen a preview of the movie, she's the girl that says something about Bill Gates running a lemonade stand when he was a kid. She had a small role, but she made me laugh, she made me cry....she's either very good at what she does, or i'm a big softie.

So that's the movie in a nutshell. It was cute, if a little long (like i can control that kind of thing). I'd recommend it to girls and gay men. Straight men aren't gonna like this one, and if they do, it will be for totally disgusting reasons. These girls are playing sixteen year olds! Yes, I'm talking you, 40 year old guy in the front of the theater who left twice to "use the restroom."

***Okay, i just found out that the blond soccer player is actually the SISTER of TEEN WITCH herself, Robyn Lively! Totally noteworthy.


Blogger Blood Ray said...

Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that?

2:27 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

such a waste a pretty face by standing in your (something something) face i wish you'd take a real look and really stop that.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Blood Ray said...

Top that

2:29 PM  

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