Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Melting Pot = Deliciousness

First, they bring out the cheese. The waiter frantically whips it up right there in front of you. Since it was my very first visit to the Melting Pot, naturally I had some questions. Like, "Have you ever splashed anyone in the face with that hot cheese? Because I bet it would really hurt." And the follow-up: "Are you going to think of that every time you stir the cheese now? Don't get nervous."

They give you little pieces of bread and apples to dip, and it's delicious. I could've stopped right there.

The salad was pleasant.

Next up is the meat -- a combination of chicken, beef, and other unidentified meats. You know, they really should give you stopwatches to let you know how long your food has been cooking. Because I'm really bad at that shit.

Finally, dessert. Milk chocolate, oreos, marshmallows all melted together and set on fire.

And now I can say I've eaten at the Melting Pot.

The two couples sitting at the table next to us were cute. My favorite part was when Couple Number One took a picture of Couple Number Two. The girl half of Couple Number One waited until after the picture was taken before saying, "Girl, you got cheese all over your face." That's a true friend.


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