Wednesday, June 22, 2005

These are times that can't be weathered

Not quite feeling up for Two Dollar Margarita Night, I decided to go out and finally get that much-needed haircut that I've been talking about for two weeks. I finally found that $5.99 coupon for Great Clips! Seeing the finished product, however, only sealed the deal: no margaritas for me tonight, at least not until this grows out a bit. Next week, perhaps.

Anyway, since I planned on being holed up for the remainder of the day and night, I went out and bought a cheapie digital camera (a companion for my new Ipod Photo). It's nothing special, but it came with a bonus 64MB flash card.

I took my first picture:

washed out

Then I reviewed the pic and consulted my manual, re: flash settings.

I remembered reading somewhere or hearing from a certain someone that the bathroom mirror is the best place to take self-portraits. So here it is, me (with color) and my new haircut, as well. Enjoy.


Oh, and Rilo Kiley performed "Portions for Foxes" on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night. Jenny looked and sounded amazing.

And here's an interesting tidbit:

While Tiffany is embarrassing herself on Clipgirl's favorite new summer show Hit Me Baby One More Time, her one-time teen rival Debbie (i'm sorry, Deborah) Gibson is showing up on-stage at Rilo Kiley performances! Yes, my 80's obsession and my current obsession -- together onstage, performing "Lost in Your Eyes." I probably would've pissed myself if i'd been there.



Blogger Blood Ray said...

That picture without a nose is scary.

And I thought it was you who told me that the best place to take a picture was the bathroom.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Clipgirl said...

Yes, that first photo is just frightening, but your hair looks cute. Look at Deborah up there! She is even playing an instrument. I bet Tiffany couldn’t do that.

5:12 PM  

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