Saturday, June 11, 2005

What's the 411, hon?

Isn't it fun getting e-mails from long-lost friends? I mean, it sure beats e-mails with the subject line "Erase Debt the Christian Way!"

Case in point: an old college friend named Joanna.

Joanna and I used to work at the Journalism Library at Mizzou, and we bonded rather quickly, seemingly overnight. And this night involved 40 oz. of Budweiser and old Mary J. Blige CDs. We sat on the messy floor of my bedroom, drinking beer, singing along to "Real Love," "Reminisce," "You Remind Me," etc. She has a beautiful voice.

The last song of the CD came on and I said "You be Mary J. and I'll be Grand Puba!" It was such a ridiculous sentence that it turned into, like, our catchphrase. In fact, it was the subject line of the aforementioned e-mail.

I'm not really sure how we fell out of touch, but I'm glad we reconnected. And since I'm not speaking to that selfish bitch Rory Gilmore for at least the summer, it's good to have another person to chat with.

--Don't forget Rock Star Rags is open tomorrow morning!


Blogger This Guy said...

How dare you speak this way about Rory Gilmore! She is simply a lost little girl who is cursed by the fact that she will never be as cool or quick witted or selfless or beautiful as her mother.

Please retract your statement in a new post.


3:48 PM  
Blogger Absolut Billy said...

Mom and little Gilmore are both whores!! I dont catch that many episodes but every one i see they are fucking on first dates, doing married ppl (TWICE IN A DAY) etc

9:05 PM  

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