Saturday, July 16, 2005

We're Sorry, Stars Hollow

Alright, as Clipgirl pointed out, this woman got the shaft.


No Emmy nominations for Lauren Graham. None for Alexis. None for the writers or directors or hairstylists or craft services. Nothing. Worst of all, nothing for this old woman:


However, the Emmy voters decided to give a nomination to this old woman:


which is fine. Lucille Bluth is awesome. She's kinda like Emily Gilmore, only she drinks a lot more and pops pills.

But let's get back to the point: Lauren Graham, snubbed again. This is insane. Do all of those Desperate Housewives really need to be nominated? I mean, I love the fact that Teri Hatcher can go from That Washed-Up Chick from those Radio Shack Commercials to Golden Globe Winner Teri Hatcher in the span of, like, two years, but the show is brand new and they have many more years of award-hoarding ahead of them.

And Patricia Heaton...if someone told her that Emmys don't impress Jesus, maybe she'd take herself out of the running. Anyone have her home phone number?

Jane "Crazy Eyes" Kaczmarek for Malcolm in the Middle? Nobody watches this show anymore.

I'm done venting for today. But if anyone would like to attend the 1st Annual Gilmore Girls Awards, the ceremony is at my place the same night as the Emmys, but it's just gonna be me sitting on my couch, drunk, maybe shirtless, saying things like, "You know who else got ripped off? Lane's mom. She's awesome."

Be there!


Blogger Blood Ray said...

Don't forget Paris. She was robbed, too.

The only consolation is that this may perhaps be Patrica Heaton's last Emmy nomination.

I'm glad to hear about Jessica Harper, too, though I still wish Gramma (and her gams) got nominated.

2:21 PM  
Blogger Blood Ray said...

Walter. Jessica Walter.

Jessica Harper was in Shock Treatment.

2:23 PM  

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