Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Execution of All Things

I ordered a DVD online the other day. It's a documentary about the record label Saddle Creek, home to Bright Eyes, the Faint, and, once upon a time, Rilo Kiley. It's called Spend an Evening with Saddle Creek. And you know what? I will spend an evening with Saddle Creek. Tonight, in fact.

It arrived today, along with a poster, 2 buttons and a sticker. And a little hand-written note on Saddle Creek stationary that said, "Thanks, Joseph."

You're welcome!

Maybe I should wait until AFTER the Bright Eyes concert to watch it. And here's the reasoning behind that: I bought two tickets for the show at the Pageant on November 12. I found out (twelve hours after purchasing the tickets) that it's the same date as my old college roommate's wedding. I'd probably be a little upset about the whole thing if it were anyone else getting married, but I just can't seem to hold it against Mike.

Anyway, if I see Bright Eyes acting all cute on this movie, I'll want to skip the wedding.

Kudos to my roommate for making a yummy homemade pizza tonight. You know a pizza is fucking delicious when you burn your entire mouth because you just can't wait until it cools down to take the next bite.


Blogger Absolut Billy said...

awww someone else calls u joseph!

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