Saturday, November 19, 2005

There's no beginning to this story.

I met someone that was able to go to the Bright Eyes concert last weekend, and he was kind enough to burn me a copy of the new live CD "Motion Sickness." It was greatly appreciated, since I was unable to attend. Originally, I had asked for a button or sticker as a souvenir, but this works out much better.

Bright Eyes - "Mushaboom (live)"

By the way, Shavita's new apartment is totally cute. I'm jealous of her sunroom.

Here's how my week looks:

Rent (advance screening), Wicked, Rent (again), Thankgiving, Birthday.

Luckily, I requested a few days off from work.

Coming soon: Xmas songs.


Blogger Blood Ray said...

What days are you off? Wednesday and Friday?

11:49 AM  
Anonymous mink said...

Jon said he heard a Deathcab Christmas song that he liked. He said it sounded like all of their other stuff, but was a good cover. Have you heard it?

7:23 AM  

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