Wednesday, December 14, 2005

...Or treat me mean.

Normally, ABB covers the Today Show on her blog, but since Fiona Apple was a guest on Monday's show, I thought I'd transcribe her interview. She was actually quite funny.

Katie Couric: Are you doing the cooking segment?

Al Roker: Yes. [Like he'd say no.]

Katie: Matt?

Matt Lauer: Yes, but before we get to that, we have patiently waiting the lovely Fiona Apple, who just performed for us two beautiful songs.

Fiona Apple: Thank you.

Matt: Can I just mention it's your first ever morning show appearance?

Fiona: Yes, you can. You did.

Matt: And you did a show last night at the Nokia Theater here in New York and when you came in this morning, you were putting everyone on your list. You wanna explain that?

Fiona: Well, because it's such a drag to get up so early after having been up so late, so it was gonna be worth it if I just had an excuse to be mean to everybody.

Matt: Yeah, so she went around saying, "You're on my list" this morning and I said, "Hey, it's great to have you." "You're on my list too," she said.

Fiona: Everybody can feel free to be mean to my manager Steve today.

Matt: Then it's Be Mean to Steve Day, I like that. (Everyone claps except for Katie).


Matt: The reviews for your album have been extraordinary -- no pun intended. So congratulations, it's nice to have you here for your very first morning show. Are we off the list now?

Fiona: Yeah. For now.

Katie: So it's not your first and last?

Fiona: Well, that remains to be seen.


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I love Funny Fiona. I totally want to see this.

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