Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Until last night, I'd never been to a New Year's party where fortune cookies were handed out after midnight, but here's what mine said:

"You will advance far with your abilities"...

which is cool, but it would've been better if the fortune had told me what my abilities are.

ABB's corn casserole was amazing, and just soft enough to devour while my mouth heals. No smoking or drinking was allowed last night. I definitely don't want dry socket. Everyone is telling me how horrible that is.

I'm quitting smoking anyway, as is Blood Ray. Since he was working last night and I had to remain sober, we're having a REAL New Year's party next weekend. I'm gonna ask him to dress up in that New Year's baby costume that had the people up in arms.

Here are some pics.

New Years (1)New Years (7)
New Years (4)New Years (5)


Blogger Blood Ray said...

I'll wear it. It was my intention to wear it last night if I made it to the party on time.

10:44 AM  

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