Monday, January 23, 2006

Why I Love the Internet

While browsing various internet sites this weekend, I came across some amazing discoveries.

1. A Gilmore Girls Fan with way too much time on his or her hands, and no, it's not me.

this out. I could only stand to watch about a minute of this montage of Luke and Lorelai moments, and then I threw up. I'm not a big Peter Cetera fan.

Interesting footnote: When I typed "Gilmore Girls" in, I also pulled up a clip called "Satanism: Satan's Bloody Teachings."

2. The Encyclopedia Brittanica Kid

He grew up. And he's a perv. I wasn't sure if I should put a link to his pervy blog, but here it is. (NSFW) Be careful, as Blood Ray pointed out, there are an awful lot of pictures of vaginas on this blog.

And here's the old commercial he did if you don't remember him.

3. Anna Waronker's second solo CD

Love her. It looks like her new CD is coming out this year. She also produced a CD for ....

4. Imperial Teen

Have they broken up? One of the guys from Imperial Teen has a new band called Willpower. They've opened for Le Tigre and Scissor Sisters, so they must be good, right?

Here's one of my favorite song by Imperial Teen:

"Our Time" - Imperial Teen


Blogger Blood Ray said...

I feel that I should point out I was not speaking derisively of these vaginas. I was simply overwhelmed that there were so many.

6:02 PM  

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