Sunday, February 26, 2006

Random Rules

It's an idea I stole from The Onion A.V. Club, but was fun to do.

Their idea was to ask famous people (David Cross, Ben Gibbard, etc.) to set their iPod on random and talk about the first five songs that popped up. No cheating allowed, even if it's an embarrassing song.

Here's mine:

1. "Talk to Me" - Ringside

My ex-boss actually bought the Ringside CD a few months ago and listened to it every day at work. It grew on me. I did some research after I burned a copy and discovered that the band is made up of two dudes, one of whom is Balthazar Getty. Weird. They're both cute, though.

2. "The Good That Won't Come Out" - Rilo Kiley

The first Rilo Kiley song I've ever heard, actually. I bought The Execution of All Things at Vintage Vinyl and sat down in my room and listened to the whole thing from start to finish, which is something that I almost never do. I love random mode.

3. "Fade Away" - Juliana Hatfield

Even though I mainly listened to rap and R&B in high school, I kinda dug Juliana Hatfield. I videotaped her performance on Regis and Kathie Lee and watched it over and over and over. This song sucks, though.

4. "Little Dawn" - Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

This song makes me think of Michelle Trachtenberg. I hope she has a long and successful movie career.

5. "Dress Up in You" - Belle and Sebastian

It's from their newest CD, which I haven't really listened to all the way through. I just started liking this band a few months ago.

Well that wasn't too bad. I guess I was worried that Alanis or Ashlee Simpson or Ashanti would make an appearance (and that's only from the A's).

**Has anyone seen the preview for the new Lindsay Lohan movie? It doesn't look horrible, and Missi Pyle and Tovah Feldshuh are in it. Plus, a Rilo Kiley song is featured prominently in the trailer. Good for Lindsay. Let's hope she doesn't fuck it up by singing a whole bunch of shitty songs on the soundtrack.


Blogger Limecrete said...

Any movie that has both Missi Pyle and Tovah Feldshuh automatically gets me as an audience member. LOVE.

2:29 PM  

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