Saturday, February 10, 2007

I can be a complicated communicator

My love for Sharpies has declined just a tad over the past few days. While cleaning up in the office on Thursday, I was stabbed in the left eye with a maroon retractable Sharpie. That'll
teach me to sass Lukas.

(Kidding! It was totally accidental. Plus, I racked up some sympathy points. "What? Why should I take the dog out to poop? You stabbed me in the eye with a marker!")

Coincidence 1. - We watched Curb Your Enthusiasm on Wednesday, the one where Larry David stabs Ben Stiller in the eye with a skewer. I couldn't even watch that scene because I have a Rachel Green-like phobia of having my eyes touched.

Coincidence 2. - I've been listening to whitechocolatespaceegg a lot lately, especially "Big, Tall Man," which features the lyric, "My left eye hurts."

Coincidence 3. - I was searching for Left Eye footage on YouTube this week and cried upon viewing her unreleased solo video. (I loved TLC).

Here's an mp3 and a still from my new documentary I Was Stabbed in the Eye with a Sharpie.

Liz Phair - "Big, Tall Man"


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