Sunday, March 04, 2007

Amy Winehouse

Today I made a couple of playlists for my Florida vacation -- mainly songs about the beach, or sunny days, etc. But I've become a bit obsessed with British singer Amy Winehouse, so a couple of her tunes made their way into "Beach Mix #1"

I suppose it kinda works because she sings about booze.

Her voice is amazing, even more so when you find out that she looks like a cross between Gina Gershon and Janice from Friends.


Also, she's crazy, in case you couldn't tell from that hairdo. She's puked onstage at her live shows, been photographed with coke on her face, and she duets with Ghostface Killah on the remix of "You Know I'm No Good." (Sidenote: Suddenly, Ghostface Killah is everywhere I look these days, from Pitchfork's Number 4 Album of 2006 to last week's episode of 30 Rock.)

But that voice!

Judge for yourself.

Amy Winehouse - "You Know I'm No Good"

Amy Winehouse - "Rehab"


Anonymous Dave said...

Are you going to post your beach playlists, or am I going to have to wait until we are laying on the beach to hear them?

5:34 PM  

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