Wednesday, May 09, 2007

the rivers and the lakes that you're used to.

The place where I work is currently being remodeled. This means that everything I dislike about my job is now compounded by the insanely loud noises coming from jackhammers, buzzsaws, and other tools used during construction.

Me (yelling into phone): "I'm sorry, Mrs. X. What kind of stool softener do you want with your delivery?!"

Plus, there are the workers themselves who have to yell over the din. And did I mention the gay and Mexican jokes I have to listen to?

To be fair, they're never directed at me. But still, it makes me feel like I'm in my high school cafeteria again.

One of the construction workers asked me how I get any work done "with all the super-hot females that walk in."

I wanted to say, "I know, right? I'm always stopping them to ask where they get their hair done or where they bought their shoes!"

The leader of the bunch mentioned that he's always wanting to talk to the store's owner (another male), and asked me if that makes him gay. I said yes.

For the most part, I normally just overhear gay jokes or Mexican jokes and roll my eyes. Monday, however, was different. The Leader had just called Carlos a fag (a two-fer!) when the radio started playing TLC's "Waterfalls."

Dude #1: "This song is by that crazy chick that burned her husband's house down!"

Dude #2: "Oh yeah, didn't he play basketball?"

Dude #1: "Yeah, for Philadelphia, I think."

Dude #2: "Yeah, Allen something."

Dude #1: "Isn't she dead? Like in a plane crash?"

Dude #2: "Yeah."

My face turned red as I yelled out corrections to that exchange.

"They weren't married!"
"He played football for the Atlanta Falcons!"
"His name is Andre Rison!"
"It was a car accident!"

It was a little fun to correct them on the sports trivia part.


Blogger Miranda said...

I can't believe you yelled that stuff! Holy shit.

9:37 AM  
Blogger Blood Ray said...

You're awesome. The only way I could possibly love you more is if you also pulled the shoes and hair line on them, too.

I'd say you don't have to put it with it, but then I remember where you live. You might be able to complain about the Mexican stuff, but it's open season on fags there.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Shavita said...

Seriously, you have to tell them to shut the fuck up with the Mexican and gay jokes. You can NOT be expected to work in that environment. It's a bunch of crap.

3:49 PM  

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