Wednesday, November 28, 2007

So it's over. It had to end sometime.

Anyone know of cheap apartments for rent? (thanks Limey for the tip)

This will be the last Debbie Downer post....I have plenty of new pics and videos of the kids.

I took Darby, Zoe, and Ethan to see Enchanted on Thanksgiving. I'm not sure who enjoyed the movie more. I heart Amy Adams!

Thanksgiving sign

Ethan made this sign, even though he ate plenty of turkey that day.


Isn't Sidney adorable!?


Smiley baby!

stop!  hammer time

Stop! Hammer time!

flip cup



party pics. What's up, Kari? "Sixty cents, Mr. Joseph Christopher! Hoot loot!"

And finally, my nieces and nephews getting excited over a remote-controlled helicopter.


Blogger Limecrete said...

Sure thing. Some people at work were also passing around Dogtown apartment listings on Craigslist today, but I assume you're already checking that out.

1:55 PM  
Blogger B Pryde said...

First, the selfless part. I'm so sorry. Let me know what I can do.

Second, the selfish part. I'm planning on buying my very own place in the next few months, so my roommate may need a roommate. Just sayin'.

Call me if you need me.

10:17 PM  
Blogger K said...

Hoot Loot! I still have my Ameristar card in my purse. Every time I open it up I feel nostalgic for that magical night when you pressed one button and opened up all of Kenny Roger's treasures to me.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Joanna said...

Hey J-Chris... just dropping in to say hey, I miss you tons, please give me a call sometime and I'm sorry to hear your news.... xoxxoxo, J$

9:44 PM  

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