Monday, January 07, 2008

Make a Plan to Love Me, Asshole.

I'm finally listening to the newest Bright Eyes album. I'm like eight months late, but guess what, I'm also just getting around to the newest Arcade Fire. I'm like the worst fake hipster ever.

I also just joined a gay bowling league. But it's like supergay. The president wears a different wig for each frame. For real.

I won a raffle on our first night for the "strike bowl." They drew my ticket and if I'd bowled a strike, I would have won five hundred dollars. Everyone watched. I knocked over seven pins.

At least it wasn't a gutter.

Speaking of, I wanted our team name to be "The Gutter Sluts."

I was vetoed. We're the Gutter Punkz. Yeah, with a "z."

I'd post pics, but I'm waiting on Dave to send me the good non-blurry ones.


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