Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's Mayor Bee Time!

Like Kari, I only started watching
Family Guy when I stayed at Dave and Alan's. It's all they watch, except for The View, which I also now watch.

Yay! It's Mayor Bee!

My weekend was quite eventful. Happy hour with the work gang (which usually goes until 11 or so).

Happy Hour

I got to see B-Pryde and Kringas on Saturday. We ate lunch and then went to a Target I'd never been to before (bonus!)

Bradley and Kringas

On Sunday, we had the event for DramaRama Theatre Company, which was quite fun. It was a little hot in that restaurant, but who's going to complain when there are free mojitos to be had? Plus, you could always cool off by standing next to the giant ice sculpture.



Blogger snatchface said...

snoop dogg will be on the view this week. check it.

4:30 PM  

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