Friday, August 29, 2008

Still on the fence about Solange?

Well, check out this clip of an interview, and then we'll talk.

Yeah. What a bitch. I still don't even know what really happened, but I'm done with her.

If that video left a bad taste in your mouth, check this one out.

It's a bunch of seventh graders performing "1234" by Feist, choreography and everything! Adorable!

Kinda puts our rendition of "Boot Scootin' Boogie" to shame, don't you think?


Blogger Jimmy said...

Um, yeah...Solange was a huge bitch in that clip. It's nice that the host kept her response professional, but I really wished she would have been like, "Solange, so few people have ever heard of you, and you will always be compared to your sister, and will fail miserably. Thanks."

But the 1234 video was super cute.

1:22 AM  
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