Monday, September 22, 2008

Got back from Miranda's last night at 1 AM. Didn't think I'd feel like working, so I requested the day off. I basically did nothing except slightly clean my apartment, listen to the new TV on the Radio album, and take care of some grays (thanks, Wyatt).

Jenny Lewis was amazing. I know I said "Best concert ever" on Friday, but I might have to take it back. It was a great show, don't get me wrong, but her voice was stronger in Columbia last year. And I think they played for longer back then, too.

I took some videos, but no pictures. I might upload the videos later, but probably not.

And kudos to Jenny Lewis for getting me to set foot in a church.

BTW what is it with gays and v-neck shirts? I saw like a zillion of them in Chicago. I don't get it.

Speaking of shirts, I couldn't believe my eyes on the train last night. Someone was wearing a shirt with what LOOKED like the Budweiser logo on it, but if you gave it a second glance, you'd notice it said "St. Louis" instead of "Budweiser," and under that, it said "King of Queers"

On the back....well, I'll just let you take a look at this picture I found today. I'd rather not type it out again....

(Side note: When I googled the phrase, I found a thread on Yahoo Answers that asked, "Where can I find a shirt that says 'Cardinals take it in their Pujols?'" Someone responded, "At a redneck convention, perhaps?" And it wasn't me, I promise!)

I asked Dave, "Are you more offended as a St. Louisan, or as a gay man?"

His response: "I'm offended as a Budweiser fan."


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