Monday, October 31, 2005

Collect the moments one by one, I guess that's how the future's done.

Ah, Chicago.

Or, as Blood Ray would put it, "Oooooooh, CHICAGO!"

The trip was great -- shopping, drinking, eating, drinking, smoking, drinking....we did everything except play Scrabble, though it wasn't for lack of trying.

I also watched AUK perform their last show (more on that in a later post).

Tried to find an import copy of the new Cardigans CD (with no luck), and I missed seeing an in-store performance by Feist by about 60 minutes. Damn!

Thanks to an eagle-eyed Miranda, however, I was able to purchase a TLC greatest hits CD for seven dollars. Love them!

Dressing up as Jack White and Loretta Lynn took a little longer than we originally thought. It wasn't until after the hour-long process of spraying and curling Miranda's hair that we figured out how much easier it would have been to just be Jack and Meg.

I also met a guy that goes to Princeton that I fell in love with. I think it had a lot to do with his Jason Bateman-ish haircut.

Pictures first, then an mp3 of my favorite Feist song. (Miranda, make sure you download it.)

Jack and Loretta 3

Jack and Loretta.

Jack and Loretta

Us again.

Chris in the wall

Cutie Princeton guy.

Grilled Cheese

Fell in Love with a Grilled Cheese.

Chris sitting

Let's look at him again, shall we?




Oh what the hell, here's another.

Now, here's my favorite Feist song of all time.

Feist - "Mushaboom"


Anonymous mink said...

Were you casually denying your love for this guy all weekend? Or did you admit this to me when I asked you about it and then I forgot?

4:09 PM  

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