Monday, September 22, 2008

Got back from Miranda's last night at 1 AM. Didn't think I'd feel like working, so I requested the day off. I basically did nothing except slightly clean my apartment, listen to the new TV on the Radio album, and take care of some grays (thanks, Wyatt).

Jenny Lewis was amazing. I know I said "Best concert ever" on Friday, but I might have to take it back. It was a great show, don't get me wrong, but her voice was stronger in Columbia last year. And I think they played for longer back then, too.

I took some videos, but no pictures. I might upload the videos later, but probably not.

And kudos to Jenny Lewis for getting me to set foot in a church.

BTW what is it with gays and v-neck shirts? I saw like a zillion of them in Chicago. I don't get it.

Speaking of shirts, I couldn't believe my eyes on the train last night. Someone was wearing a shirt with what LOOKED like the Budweiser logo on it, but if you gave it a second glance, you'd notice it said "St. Louis" instead of "Budweiser," and under that, it said "King of Queers"

On the back....well, I'll just let you take a look at this picture I found today. I'd rather not type it out again....

(Side note: When I googled the phrase, I found a thread on Yahoo Answers that asked, "Where can I find a shirt that says 'Cardinals take it in their Pujols?'" Someone responded, "At a redneck convention, perhaps?" And it wasn't me, I promise!)

I asked Dave, "Are you more offended as a St. Louisan, or as a gay man?"

His response: "I'm offended as a Budweiser fan."

Thursday, September 11, 2008

There's no snake oil cure for unlucky in love

I found a link to the new Jenny Lewis album Acid Tongue and thought I would share it with you all. I listened to it on myspace the other night and fell in love. Of course, she could sing the phone book and I'd still put it on non-stop repeat.

I recommend downloading the new album to everyone, with the exception of Matt, who still can't forgive Jenny Lewis for stealing Rose Nylund's beloved teddy bear all those years ago.

Jenny Lewis - Acid Tongue

Bonus: I found an mp3 of the new Christina Aguilera track "Keeps Gettin' Better," and yeah, it sounds like Goldfrapp, but that's not such a horrible thing. Plus..."superbitch."

Christina Aguilera - "Keeps Gettin' Better"

Monday, September 08, 2008