Monday, March 31, 2008

I'd love to fill everyone in on the crazy happenings of this weekend, but I'm so beat.
So I made you all a mixtape.

Please give it a listen and let me know what you think.

A few notes:

*Don't be put off by the Johnathan Rice song (because he sucks) -- it's actually a duet with the lovely Jenny Lewis.

*I went with the homemade radio edit of the new DCFC song because you only need that extra 4 minutes of instumental if you're driving around in the rain, which is like every day in STL for the past month.

*The Britta of Dean and Britta refers to the chick who played Billie in Satisfaction and was also the voice of Jem. Truly outrageous! (I may have used that joke once already. I'm so tired!)

Click here to enjoy!

Friday, March 21, 2008

I Dream and That's a Fact

It's been brought to my attention that I don't update that often, and that is correct.

Therefore, I intend to rectify this situation by offering a sort-of Week In Review.

Ste. Genevieve --

My dreams almost came true when I got an almost-kiss from Jeremy. Miranda and I think he is totally dreamy. And he's sooooo nice.


Bowling Update --

Our team played the second-ranked team, and we won 2 out of 3 games. Not too shabby for The Gutter Punkz. On the other hand, I noticed that I am the lowest-scoring bowler on the lowest-ranked team in our Big Gay Bowling League. Ouch.

Favorite New Ringtone --

The theme music to Benny Hill.

Favorite Music Moment --

For the fortieth week in a row, it's that part in Arcade Fire's "My Body is a Cage" when all the instruments come in at once and blow you away.

Second Favorite Music Moment --

The part in Heidi Montag's "Higher" when the song ends and she whisper-asks "Am I dreaming?" and then there are these weird zapping sounds.

Best Purchase of the Week --

At 99 cents for 8 minutes and thirty seconds of music, it really just boils down to simple economics, people. Although thanks to WavePad, I've made a mix-cd-friendly "Radio Edit."

Best Almost Purchase of the Week--

Sure, I'd wear it to Alan's 80's-themed birthday party, but let's face it -- I'd probably wear it a thousand times after that.

How I Know Spring Has Arrived--

There are a zillion more protesters outide of Planned Parenthood, and I'm 95 percent sure I saw one urinating through the gate onto a parked car.

Letdown of the Week--

The Return of Jezebel James. I'm gay, I love Parker Posey, I love Lauren Ambrose, and I loved Gilmore Girls. If I hated this show, there is no hope for survival. The least they could do is lose the laugh track.

My New Favorite Game --

"Dog Pee, Vinegar, or Indian Food?" It goes like this -- before I get on the elevator in my building, I predict what smell will greet me when the doors open -- dog pee, vinegar, or Indian food? I'm actually really good at this game.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Remember my adorable nephew Dylan? He likes to wear a pink wig? My sis took this cute video of him singing a song.

It's my new ringtone. I can't get enough of this song!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's Mayor Bee Time!

Like Kari, I only started watching
Family Guy when I stayed at Dave and Alan's. It's all they watch, except for The View, which I also now watch.

Yay! It's Mayor Bee!

My weekend was quite eventful. Happy hour with the work gang (which usually goes until 11 or so).

Happy Hour

I got to see B-Pryde and Kringas on Saturday. We ate lunch and then went to a Target I'd never been to before (bonus!)

Bradley and Kringas

On Sunday, we had the event for DramaRama Theatre Company, which was quite fun. It was a little hot in that restaurant, but who's going to complain when there are free mojitos to be had? Plus, you could always cool off by standing next to the giant ice sculpture.