Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Strike that, reverse it.

MP3s from the new Jenny Lewis CD are popping up everywhere.

Originally, I had planned to wait until January 24th when the actual album is released to listen to anything, but I have no self-control. Of course I'll buy it then and rave about it to every single person I know, so what's the harm?

So, go here, here, here, or here. Or here.

Or be a prude and wait until January.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Christmas Music (Part One)

There's all kinds of Christmas music floating around. In fact, there's a pretty cool mix here.

I was going to put up a Christmas song by Aimee Mann, but let's face it -- the woman is depressing. I can't decide if she wants the listeners of her holiday song to hang up tinsel or a noose.

The Christmas song I decided on is one that puts me in a cheery kind of holiday mood. I used to listen to only rap and R&B when I was in high school, and this is the song Majic 108FM used to play in December.

"Santa Claus is a Black Man" - Akim

Thursday, November 24, 2005

There's Only Us.

I should've been arrested tonight. On the way to Blood Ray's place, a cop pulled me over. He called me a Smart Ass three times.

My plates have been expired for four months.

I'd been drinking all day.

I think he kept my driver's license.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Top 25 Most Played Songs on iTunes:

1. "I Need Some Fine Wine, and You, You Need to Be Nicer" - The Cardigans
2. "Tymps (The Sick in the Head Song)" - Fiona Apple
3. "June Gloom" - The Like
4. "Stars and Planets" - Liz Phair
5. "Hung Up" - Madonna
6. "Don't Bother" - Shakira
7. "Under Your Spell" - from the Buffy Musical
8. "Different Names for the Same Thing" - Death Cab for Cutie
9. "Oh Well" - Fiona Apple
10. "Tonight You Belong to Me" - Fiona Apple
11. "Because of You" - Kelly Clarkson
12. "Blankest Year" - Nada Surf
13. "My Humps" - Black Eyed Peas
14. "Old Soul Song" - Bright Eyes
15. "Godspell" - The Cardigans
16. "The Greatest" - Cat Power
17. "Soul Meets Body" - Death Cab for Cutie
18. "Baby I'm Burning" - Dolly Parton
19. "Oh Well, Okay" - Elliott Smith
20. "I Didn't Understand" - Elliott Smith
21. "O' Sailor" - Fiona Apple
22. "Parting Gift" - Fiona Apple
23. "Red, Red, Red" - Fiona Apple
24. "Not About Love" - Fiona Apple
25. "I've Been Thinkin' Bout" - Cat Power

If you hate Thanksgiving

or Christmas....

that dog. - "Holidays"

Long Gone Before Daylight.

Here's the thing about birthdays....

When an old friend shows up at noon to get me drunk, it's not like I can say no. I tried, believe me.

But we ended up at a sports bar at noon, drinking Budweiser and Jager Bombs, playing trivia. Listened to the Cardigans on the way home and she almost cried. She loves that CD.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

There's no beginning to this story.

I met someone that was able to go to the Bright Eyes concert last weekend, and he was kind enough to burn me a copy of the new live CD "Motion Sickness." It was greatly appreciated, since I was unable to attend. Originally, I had asked for a button or sticker as a souvenir, but this works out much better.

Bright Eyes - "Mushaboom (live)"

By the way, Shavita's new apartment is totally cute. I'm jealous of her sunroom.

Here's how my week looks:

Rent (advance screening), Wicked, Rent (again), Thankgiving, Birthday.

Luckily, I requested a few days off from work.

Coming soon: Xmas songs.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Gilmore Girls Shocker!

Oh my God! Lorelai watches The Comeback! Who knew?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


In case you're wondering what (Miranda's husband) Jon's band sounds like, here's an mp3.

Auk - "Scannerman"

And a link. (the website is currently under construction)

They're currently mixing their new CD, and plan to have it up by the end of the year.

(l. to r. Josh, Jon, Brian, and Jon Heder -- he's a big fan)

The Way Things Are

When it comes to dating, there are few people that would say I know what I'm doing. Sometimes I pine after men for a long time before anything actually happens. Sometimes relationships just fall into my lap, and that's not a pun, even though I love puns.

Just the other night, I was asked by a woman what kind of guys I like. This is the same woman that asked me, "Do you think my husband is cute?" and later, "Do you think my husband is gay?" Based on all the questions she fired at me, I'd guess that I'm the first gay man she's ever met. But I digress.

I definitely don't have a type. I told her, "If you lined up all the guys I've dated, you'd see that they have nothing in common."

I dated a guy that was getting his PhD in molecular biology (or some bullshit like that). He took me up to his lab after hours once, and it was totally hot.

Way on the other end of the spectrum, I dated a guy that told me he set up corporate events. It turned out he was more like a glorified carny. Or is it "carnie?" I'm almost certain that he didn't even have his G.E.D.

At any rate, I'm not sure if it has to do with the wedding I attended this weekend, or the fact that my 27th birthday is approaching, but motherfucker, can i get some guy to take me out to dinner and/or a movie?? It doesn't even have to be a new movie. It could be, like, the dollar show. I'd see The 40 Year Old Virgin again. Like I said, I'm not picky.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

R.I.P. A.D.

It's (95%) official. Arrested Development is cancelled. We'll get five more episodes, and then it's curtains for the Bluth family.

And as much as I love the entire cast, I get the feeling that no one from the show will find anything better than this in the future.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Those certain words I just found

Is this week taking forever, or is it just me?

I'm sure it has to do with being burned out at work, although the fact that my boss gave me a router for free definitely perked me up a bit yesterday.

Luckily, Miranda's on her way into town tonight. We've got a wedding to go to on Saturday, which means lots of old friends and lots of alcohol.

I'm just now realizing that I'm almost 27 and I've never taken a date to a wedding before. Hmm.

Well, I know I said I'd post a cheerier song after that Feist business earlier in the week.

I can't stop talking about the Cardigans. It's hard to believe they've been around for over a decade. I'm liking their new CD, which doesn't surprise me. I'd like anything they put out.

They've definitely come a long way. This song is from the CD Life, which Mike (who is getting married Saturday) used to call our Mario Party Soundtrack. It went perfectly with all those cute little mini-games.

The Cardigans - "Fine"

Monday, November 07, 2005

Now I know what i don't want.

The very best thing about my roommate is her cookie fetish. She has to eat cookies everyday. Right now, for instance, the apartment is filled with the aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. And for that, Jen, I love you.

(I think she wanted me to give her an alias, but we don't mess with none of those on MY blog).

Two episodes of Arrested Development on the same night? On the same night I found a link to download the new Cardigans CD? Alright then.

So I wanted to post a song tonight, but it's kinda sad and I just put up a song by Feist last week.

I'll put up a cheerier song later this week, I promise. But right now there are cookies to be eaten.

"Let it Die" - Feist

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dog show!

Today is the last day of my mini-vacation, and the weather was unbelievable.



I decided to go on a picnic with a friend. We made our little sandwiches and carried them to the park down the street, where I discovered that she used to have a Lhasa Apso.

Now, I'm definitely not a dog person. But reminiscing about my childhood dog, Buster, really made me realize how much I loved him.

When we bought him, the previous owner told us we could change the name if we wanted. But frankly, this dog was so dumb, we didn't want to cause him any further confusion. We toyed with the idea of slightly altering his moniker-- maybe Mr. Buster, or Busta Move.

Anyway, one day after school, some friends and I walked to the local tavern to buy a soda (it was the closest business that carried soda, and it was three miles away). Buster, naturally, followed us. When we approached the one lane bridge, I didn't think to grab Buster to keep him safe, and sure enough, a giant 18-wheeler whizzed by. The truck must have clipped Buster (I closed my eyes), because he hobbled along to the side of the road and died.

My stepbrother picked him up and we went to the nearest house to call my mom. I was crying hysterically for a good 30 or 40 minutes. When we got home, I cried in my bedroom with the lights off until my mom finally came in to tell me to eat dinner. I composed myself, and my stepbrother entered, turned on the lights and said, "Joe, look." He felt the need to show me his shirt, covered in my dead dog's blood. Now that I think about it, why didn't he change when he got home? Disgusting.

"Never Say Never" - that dog.

that dog. was my favorite band for, like, five years. I actually got to talk to them on that syndicated radio show "Modern Rock Live," which I still have on tape somewhere. I was so nervous that I cut them off when they were saying their hello's to me.

Anyway, this is the only song that got airplay, I believe, and it's pretty catchy.

Once More, With Feeling

How many times have I said, "God, why don't they play anything from the Buffy musical at Showtunes Tuesday?"

At least a million.

Imagine my surprise when they showed "Going Through the Motions" last night at the Loading Zone.

I believe that the Buffy musical is the greatest hour of television ever broadcast. Is there anyone out there who hasn't seen it yet?

And to think Sarah Michelle Gellar had zero experience with singing before she tackled this project. Actually, it kinda shows, but props to her for giving it her all.

"Going Through the Motions" - Sarah Michelle Gellar

Before and After

When I got my new computer, I borrowed a card table from my boss.


Today, thanks to Blood Ray, I got a real desk:


And even though this picture was taken for a COMPLETELY different reason, this is how I felt after I assembled the new desk:


I love how my iPod and cigarettes look essential to the outfit.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Kiss, Pookie.

I don't think the girl at that girl needs therapy posted this one. It's the best song by The Like.

"June Gloom" - The Like

I'm drunk, but I know there was something I wanted to talk about. Oh, Liz Phair, even though that's what everyone's talking about.

Oh, and it might be too early to discuss, but I think me, Blood Ray and Clipgirl are gonna post videos of us performing songs from Rent.

Blood Ray: "Out Tonight"

Me and Blood Ray: "Light My Candle"

Clipgirl and Blood Ray: "Take Me or Leave Me"

Guess who's most excited about this.

Please, everyone, keep him in your thoughts.