Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or Treat

Although my birthday isn't for another 25 days, my sister decided to give me my gift a little early this year. It isn't at all what I was expecting.


It's a framed poster from the Rilo Kiley show that Blood Ray and I saw back in May. I've actually tried to track this down once, but I don't think she knew that.

If anyone is looking for ideas on what to buy me this year, here's a hint:


It's the cutest shirt ever, I love it, and it's available here (size medium).

Speaking of the Cardigans, I rediscovered this old import that I bought on a few years ago. It has an instrumental song called "Laika" that was the blueprint for a song on Gran Turismo called "Junk of the Hearts." Here are the mp3's.

The Cardigans - "Laika"
The Cardigans - "Junk of the Hearts.

But Can They Sing?

Um, no.

Collect the moments one by one, I guess that's how the future's done.

Ah, Chicago.

Or, as Blood Ray would put it, "Oooooooh, CHICAGO!"

The trip was great -- shopping, drinking, eating, drinking, smoking, drinking....we did everything except play Scrabble, though it wasn't for lack of trying.

I also watched AUK perform their last show (more on that in a later post).

Tried to find an import copy of the new Cardigans CD (with no luck), and I missed seeing an in-store performance by Feist by about 60 minutes. Damn!

Thanks to an eagle-eyed Miranda, however, I was able to purchase a TLC greatest hits CD for seven dollars. Love them!

Dressing up as Jack White and Loretta Lynn took a little longer than we originally thought. It wasn't until after the hour-long process of spraying and curling Miranda's hair that we figured out how much easier it would have been to just be Jack and Meg.

I also met a guy that goes to Princeton that I fell in love with. I think it had a lot to do with his Jason Bateman-ish haircut.

Pictures first, then an mp3 of my favorite Feist song. (Miranda, make sure you download it.)

Jack and Loretta 3

Jack and Loretta.

Jack and Loretta

Us again.

Chris in the wall

Cutie Princeton guy.

Grilled Cheese

Fell in Love with a Grilled Cheese.

Chris sitting

Let's look at him again, shall we?




Oh what the hell, here's another.

Now, here's my favorite Feist song of all time.

Feist - "Mushaboom"

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It took an hour...maybe a day

I leave for Chicago tomorrow to see Miranda and Jon, and I couldn't be more excited.

For Halloween, Miranda and I are going as Jack White and Loretta Lynn.

Small problem: Jack White is pale and buff, while I am Mexican and scrawny. I look more like Michael Jackson, actually, in my black wig and powdered face.

I should've asked Miranda if she'd switch with me.

"Fist City" - Loretta Lynn

Sunday, October 23, 2005

One stupid seagull picking styrofoam up out of the sea

Alright. I was working on an entry about the release date of Rilo Kiley lead singer Jenny Lewis' solo CD (January 24), the hot tattooed guy I saw at AMP Friday night (who looks like my favorite porn actor of all time), and people that really fucking piss me off...but it all disappeared.

Oh, well.

So here's a song that Blood Ray and I were talking about last night. It's from the Higher Learning soundtrack (which I bought when I was, like, 14 or something).

Liz Phair - "Don't Have Time"

Rabbit Fur Coat track list revealed:


Jenny Lewis decided that since she was turning 30 in January, she should give herself a special birthday present: her first solo record.

"I thought it was a nice thing to do on my 30th birthday, to do something on my own and to be independent," the Rilo Kiley frontwoman laughed. "And I think 30 can either send you into some sort of depressing tailspin, or the opposite. So with this, it's like a little present to me, like, 'Oh wow, you've made it this long!' "

So on January 24 she'll release the delightfully countrified
Rabbit Fur Coat, a soulful, self-assured disc that draws heavily from the winsome sexiness of Dusty Springfield's masterpiece Dusty in Memphis and the unbridled moxie of Loretta Lynn's Coal Miner's Daughter. There's plenty of mentions of God and the devil, tons of three-part vocal harmonies and "Ooh-ooh" choruses (courtesy of Louisville, Kentucky's the Watson Twins) and lots of twangy guitar and church organ. There's even an out-of-left-field cover of "Handle With Care," the 1989 radio hit from AARP all-stars the Traveling Wilburys, featuring Death Cab for Cutie's Ben Gibbard and Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst trading verses instead of original Wilburys Roy Orbison and Bob Dylan.

Track list for Jenny Lewis' Rabbit Fur Coat, according to Team Love:

* "Run Devil Run"
* "Big Guns"
* "Raise Up With Fists!"
* "Happy"
* "The Charging Sky"
* "Melt Your Heart"
* "You Are What You Love"
* "Rabbit Fur Coat"
* "Handle With Care"
* "Born Secular"
* "It Wasn't Me"
* "Happy (Reprise)"

Saturday, October 22, 2005

What I Say and What I Mean

Tried to find a used copy of Death Cab for Cutie's new CD. It didn't happen.

I did, however, find Retreat from the Sun by that dog.

I was obsessed with that band for years. When I saw that Streetside Records was selling it for three dollars, I had to liberate it.

I have a new obsession. It's a band called The Like.

Please download this song (if you have iTunes). Enjoy it.

I'm drunk.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Maybe with the exception of Elizabethtown....

I realize that baseball is important to a lot of people, but I miss my Arrested Development.

I need it back. Now more than ever, since I just finished watching the second season on DVD.

First of all, any television show or movie that casts Fern Mayo is gonna win me over.

The main reason I watch, however, is this man:


He's so dreamy.

But with such horrible ratings this season, I'm pretty certain this'll be the end of the show. And that's a shame, people.

On the DVD's blooper reel, David Cross put it best when speaking to some people from Fox:

"I got an idea for what you can do...why don't you fucking fire your complete marketing team, alright? Get a new one in there that knows how to market a show that won five motherfucking Emmys, Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Writers Guild Awards, Directors Guild Awards, Producers Guild Awards, Critics' Top Ten lists. You know, if you can't market that kind of show and get better ratings, then maybe the problem doesn't lie here. Maybe it lies with marketing. Good night."

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Everything good I deem to good to be true.

I never watch PBS. Ever.

So what happens when Rilo Kiley performs on Austin City Limits? KETC shows Dial M For Murder instead.

I took a cue from Clipgirl and wrote to the fine people at KETC. Here's the response:

Dear Joe:

Thank you for your interest in Channel 9 programming. Austin City Limits will air Sunday October 30 at midnight. It will be the Jack Johnson and Rilo Kiley.

Gloria Whitmore
Member Services

So there you have it. The Jack Johnson and Rilo Kiley will air on 10/30. Fire up your DVR's, people.

And did anyone see Fiona Apple perform on Letterman last night? She looked amazing, and even made the audience laugh during her chat session with Dave. Good for her.

And in news that's sure to make at least one 11-year-old girl very happy, I finally got my iPod Shuffle from the people at Netflix. It only took about four months. I plan on showing it a good time before I give it away.

Monday, October 10, 2005

You're Siskel and I'M Ebert

Friday, October 7, 2005

Me: "Maybe I shouldn't have been so mean to him."
Her: "Maybe you shouldn't be so mean to anyone."

I have taken this advice to heart.

So wouldn't you know that the very next day, I encountered a total stranger that would test me?

Kenrick Theater. In Her Shoes (which I would recommend to anyone with a sister or gay brother) --

While watching those blurry-ass slides that advertise everything from real estate to (ironically) eyewear, my sister and I received bumps on the head from a woman's purse as she was taking her seat behind us. Quietly, calmly, I said, "You just hit us with your purse."

Woman with purse (sarcastically): "Oh, I am SO sorry."
Woman's friend: "What happened?"
Woman with purse: "Well, apparently, I hit these people with my purse, and this man is pointing it out to me, which is RUDE."

Call me crazy, but in some circles, isn't hitting someone on the head with your purse considered rude?

And who really knows if I would've said something back to her if I hadn't vowed to be nicer 24 hours earlier. We'll never know.

As for the movie -- based on the audience that attended the 4:30 showing, it seems to be attracting an older audience than the studio probably expected. I'm guessing it has to do with the appearance of Shirley Maclaine, as her lines received the biggest laughs throughout the movie. The studio behind the upcoming Rumor Has It should take notice of this.

Perhaps Bewitched should've done some advertising on 60 Minutes and in the pages of Parade or Reader's Digest.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A lot of bible-y stuff, right?

Clipgirl was first, but I couldn't help myself...

Joseph is Ambushed.

Joseph is the Special Assistant to the President


Joseph is an outstanding young trial lawyer.

Joseph is the patron saint of various things and places.

JOSEPH is part of a recently released group of films from TNT, the cable TV channel.

Joseph is floating, playing, cajoling and teasing, trying to get Bill to see how magical and mystical this moment right here right now is.

St. Joseph is now part of an adult 81mg aspirin therapy program frequently prescribed by doctors. ... Ask your doctor if 81mg St. Joseph is right for you.

It's like trying to clean the ocean. What, do you think you can drain it?

Why today was good:

1. My Target opened!
2. Fiona Apple's new cd was released!
3. She also announced a tour!
4. KPLR-11 now comes in crystal clear at my house!
5. My new computer was shipped today!
6. Miranda left a funny message with my boss. One word: "analrapist"

Why it sucked:

1. Target was closed at 8:30 when I tried to go in before work to buy Extraordinary Machine.
2. Fiona's not coming to St. Louis (naturally).
3. I can't track my computer's whereabouts like I was promised.
4. I had a nightmare about an old friend. He was driving his car into my bedroom, but I stopped him just by putting my arms out and holding the car back.

He just called 20 minutes ago. He's in town from New York for the week and wants to go to the Complex on Friday. No joke.

We had a huge fight back in Columbia, and we didn't speak for years. Yes, it was about a guy. But since then, I've always had trust issues with the gays. I know I shouldn't, but I do. Blood Ray, sadly, can attest to that fact.

Pic courtesy of Miranda and some dude she works with:


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Gabriel Jr.

babriel and virgie

Baby Gabriel (a.k.a. Babriel) and my mom. The look on his face seems to say "What'chu talkin' bout?"